Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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The Color Run Takes Its Prismatic Magic to the North Coast

The Color Run is bringing a splash of fresh paint to Marassi's azure shores on August 14th.

Zeina Ali

Action-packed and polychromatic, the famous non-competitive and untimed run, ‘The Color Run’, is bringing its colourful magic to Marassi’s azure location at the North Coast on August 14th. We’d say ‘you had us at untimed’ but Marassi is just as much of a selling point as anything else.

If you’ve never seen the insane pictures of their past events, runners start out the race dressed in white, and get coated in a kaleidoscope of different coloured powders throughout the length of the run. You’re free to run, jog, walk, or even dance along the course. Essentially, it's a party where you can find yourself at the finish line, nothing short of a rainbow-esque disco ball at one of the top beach destinations of the country. You may start as a blank canvas, but you won’t even know HUE you are by the end of it.

“When the opportunity presented itself to bring The Color Run to Egypt, it was a no-brainer. It’s truly one of my favorite events because of it’s positivity, which is exactly what we always aim to do at IEvents,” CEO and founder of IEvents, Amr Mansi, tells #CairoScene. “Our people and our company are built on bringing happiness and positivity to the people, it just runs in our DNA. We’re so delighted to be bringing The Color Run to Marassi, North Coast for the first time ever.”

As soon as the race is over, the fun doesn’t actually stop; the event turns into a larger-than-life festival packed with music, dancing, activity booths, and food vendors.

You can sign up for the event on their official website