Friday April 19th, 2024
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The Curfew Library

Run out of things to do during curfew hours? BridgEgypt has the answer for you.

Staff Writer

The Curfew Library

Curfew can be quite the tedious affair. Sure, you tried finding the silver lining when all of this started; you'd have more time to do things you've been putting off, do some more reading, indulge in a bit of art or even catch up on your favourite TV shows. Reality check: you stayed in bed all day and whined.

One initiative, however, is determined to enforce a mindset change in all those entrapped Cairenes. BridgEgypt, a CSR consultancy group, is an organisation with a big dream. Entitled The Curfew Library, their new project revolves around getting more people into reading, by offering them a chance to swap an old book for another one. If you can bring two books, even better. You swap one and donate the other to their ever-growing library, which will then be donated to a multitude of NGOs, including The Education for Employement Foundation. "It came as an idea to do something during curfew hours that will benefit the community," Valentina Prima, Communications Supervisor for the project, elaborated. "By inspiring yourself to read, you can then inspire others to read as well!"

Only just launched two days ago, you can go swap literature and brainfood at BridgEgypt's Zamalek offices, as drop off points in Dokki and Mohandiseen are still being planned. "The Curfew Library is a long term initiative. We plan on keeping it around even after the curfew has been lifted, and still name it the Curfew Library as a reminder for the events," Primo explains. It seems like an interesting movement that will surely give you something to wile away the hours of imprisonment.

Check out their Facebook page here!