Thursday June 8th, 2023
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The Devil Wears...Plastic?!

A brilliant initiative led by two young Egyptians takes discarded plastic bags and turns them into fashionable bags and accessories.

Staff Writer

It is downright shame that it is impossible to imagine Om el donia without garbage everywhere. It's as though we love the site of it, as every separate item bought in a grocery store is put into its own plastic bag as if it were a crime to put multiple items into a single kees. It's as though Egyptians are obsessed with excess, and the lack of respect for their own country is beyond pandemic. Thankfully, there is a company out there that is dead set in changing this poo brown country into green one, by up-cycling our discarded plastic bags into fashionable bags and accessories. The company in question is named Re:Genuine Plastic Bags and is the brain child of Yara Yassin and Rani Rafie, who found a way to turn used plastic bags into fashionable eco-friendly purses, handbags, keychains and bookmarks just to name a few.

The items are made using a technique of fusing plastic bags together using heat. The amount of layers required is dependant on the thickness and type of plastic bags fused together. The outcome is a one-of-a-kind stylish water proof cover for just about anything. It isn't very often that one gets an opportunity to wear fashionable accessories that clearly demonstrate one's love for the environment. This initiative is just one of the many green initiatives emerging as the youth of Egypt are quickly becoming disinterested in waiting for their parents generation to realise that going green isn't a fad, but a necessity.

Re: Genuine Plastic bags are looking for employees and plastic bags. If you are interested in joining the green movement or just want to check out their upcycled products check out their Facebook page