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The Eatery Challenges Couples To Cook Together To Win A Trip To Thailand!

The Eatery is teaming up with Travco to launch a couples cooking competition, Cook To Fly, where - you guessed it - the winning couple gets to fly to Thailand!

You know what they say, the couple who cooks together stays together. Because truly, if you can make it through creating an entire meal together - all the chopping up tomatoes, grilling steak, and boiling pasta, without accidentally on purpose chopping off your significant other's finger - and come out with all extremities intact, there isn’t much your relationship can’t survive.

In an effort to lower Egypt’s soaring divorce rate, Eatery and Travco are teaming up to bring you Cook To Fly, a cooking competition on December 22nd at 5:30 PM. The competition will take place over three rounds and will involve nine selected couples. In each round, three couples will have 45 minutes to cook up an appetizer and a main dish using the items in the mystery box they will receive. Their end products will then be presented to a panel of judges who will decide whether they go on or not to the next round. The three winning couples will then face off in the semi-finals and then the finals; the winning couple will win free tickets to Thailand!

It’s only going to set you back 800 LE to enter the contest, which is pretty inexpensive compared to faking a pregnancy to save your relationship. All you have to do to enter the contest is send an e-mail to with your name as well as your partner’s.         

To learn more, visit Eatery's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @eateryegypt.