Sunday September 24th, 2023
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The Egyptian Hulk

While protestors in El Nahda Square insist they are unarmed, one superhuman proves that they don'e even need weapons.

Staff Writer

Morsi supporters residing in Nahda Square have discovered an Egyptian Hulk in their midst. The man, who looks nothing like Edward Norton we might add, enjoys doing sit-ups with a palm tree pressed against his chest in the Orman Garden near the square. The protesters have guaranteed that neither the man, nor them, are in any way violent. “We are in no way armed. We only have a shipment of stones. All we’ll do is throw stones at people. We are not violent,” said the Hulk (because since when has stoning people been violent?) indicating that El Sisi and his team will soon be drawing their last breathes with a fate more horrific than that of Gaddafi (nope, not violent at all). “Aren’t they calling us terrorists? We’ll terrify them like God ordered us in the Qura’an,” said the cameraman. “I’ve been here since 4 days before Ramadan started and insha’aallah I will either go home victorious or in my coffin. I am more than happy to die for God,” said Mr. Hulk with a grin on his face.


Where’s the violence in that? Those people are obviously very peaceful. We only feel bad for the trees that are dying so this man can keep his physique. Save the trees, Mr. Hulk. Get a Gold’s Gym membership. At least there you’ll have somebody to spot you while you bench press.