Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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The Egyptians #Winning Twitter in 2017

Twitter just released their annual #ThisHappened for 2017 and sports dominated the conversation.

Staff Writer

Twitter just released data on the 2017's most tweeted topics and personalities, largest number of retweets, and basically who won and dominated Twitter in Egypt.It's no surprise that Mohamed Salah came as reigning supreme king of sports on Twitter in Egypt. The man credited with taking us to the FIFA World Cup 2018 was the number 1 mentioned athlete in Egypt this year, and rightfully so. Many prominent names had mentioned the athlete and congratulated him following our win against The Congo. One those who tweeted Salah (@22mosalah) following the win, was the actual winner of Twitter in Egypt: Mohemed Henedy. 

The popular actor is known for lots of things, insane roles, terrible singing, and a "unique" look. Now, he can add to his resume the title Egypt's Most Retweeted.