Thursday December 7th, 2023
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10 Most Popular Euro Final Searches in Egypt

Which players were spectators searching during the game? We've got the inside scoop on the Google trends.

Staff Writer
Last night's conclusion to the Euro 2016 was intense. The tension, the moths – all of it was totally nuts from start to finish. Now thanks to Google Trends – who were nice enough to share all their tidbits of knowledge with us – we can see what the game looked like in the digital world according to searches for the players in five different countries and worldwide.

Some of the more interesting tidbits of info to be gleaned from this glorious digital infodump is that, despite Eder scoring the winning goal, Cristiano Ronaldo trended worldwide throughout the game. Plus, although Ronaldo topped search queries, people in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE searched for French football players more than they searched for Portuguese players; and, in Portugal, Antoine Griezmann was the most searched French player. In France, the French looked for Cristiano more than any other Portuguese player. 

Most searched Euro Final players in Egypt

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
2. Pepe (Portugal)
3. Paul Pogba (France)
4. Nani (Portugal)
5. Dimitri Payet (France)
6. Antoine Griezmann (France)
7. Benoît Costil (France)
8. Hugo Lloris (France)
9. Steve Mandanda (France)
10. Lucas Digne (France)

Most searched Euro Final players in Saudi Arabia

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
2. Pepe (Portugal)
3. Paul Pogba (France)
4. Antoine Griezmann (France)
5. Nani (Portugal)
6. Dimitri Payet (France)  
7. Bacary Sagna (France)
8. Benoît Costil (France)
9. Hugo Lloris (France)
10. Steve Mandanda (France)

Most searched Euro Final players in UAE

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
2. Paul Pogba (France)
3. Dimitri Payet (France)
4. Antoine Griezmann (France)
5. Pepe (Portugal)
6. Nani (Portugal)
7. Benoît Costil (France)
8. Hugo Lloris (France)
9. Steve Mandanda (France)
10. Lucas Digne (France)

Most searched finalist players in Portugal

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
2. Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal)
3. Renato Sanches (Portugal)
4. Antoine Griezmann (France)
5. João Moutinho (Portugal)
6. Pepe (Portugal)
7. Nani (Portugal)
8. Rui Patrício (Portugal)
9. Dimitri Payet (France)
10. José Fonte (Portugal)
11. João Mário (Portugal)
12. Raphaël Guerreiro (Portugal)
13. Cédric Soares (Portugal)
14. Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal)
15. Paul Pogba (France)
16. André Gomes (Portugal)
17. Bruno Alves (Portugal)
18. Éder (Portugal)
19. William Carvalho (Portugal)
20. Adrien Silva (Portugal)
21. Eliseu (Portugal)
22. Olivier Giroud (France)
23. Vieirinha (Portugal)
24. Danilo Pereira (Portugal)
25. Rafa Silva (Portugal)

Most searched finalist players in France

1. Antoine Griezmann (France)
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
3. Dimitri Payet (France)
4. Paul Pogba (France)
5. Olivier Giroud (France)
6. Anthony Martial (France)
7. Bacary Sagna (France)
8. Hugo Lloris (France)
9. Patrice Evra (France)
10. Kingsley Coman (France)
11. Blaise Matuidi (France)
12. Adil Rami (France)
13. André-Pierre Gignac (France)
14. Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal)
15. Samuel Umtiti (France)
16. Moussa Sissoko (France)
17. Yohan Cabaye (France)
18. Renato Sanches (Portugal)
19. N'Golo Kanté (France)
20. Nani (Portugal)
21. Laurent Koscielny (France)
22. Lucas Digne (France)
23. Pepe (Portugal)
24. Steve Mandanda (France)
25. Éder (Portugal)
26. Raphaël Guerreiro (Portugal)

Most searched finalist players worldwide

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
2. Antoine Griezmann (France)
3. Dimitri Payet (France)
4. Paul Pogba (France)
5. Pepe (Portugal)
6. Olivier Giroud (France)
7. Ricardo Quaresma (Portugal)
8. Renato Sanches (Portugal)
9. Nani (Portugal)
10. Éder (Portugal)
11. Anthony Martial (France)
12. Kingsley Coman (France)
13. Patrice Evra (France)
14. Bacary Sagna (France)
15. Samuel Umtiti (France)
16. Hugo Lloris (France)
17. Blaise Matuidi (France)
18. André-Pierre Gignac (France)
19. Adil Rami (France)
20. N'Golo Kanté (France)
21. Moussa Sissoko (France)
22. Laurent Koscielny (France)
23. André Gomes (Portugal)
24. Raphaël Guerreiro (Portugal)
25. João Mário (Portugal)
26. William Carvalho (Portugal)
27. Yohan Cabaye (France)
28. Cédric Soares (Portugal)
29. Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal)
30. João Moutinho (Portugal)
31. Rui Patrício (Portugal)
32 .José Fonte (Portugal)
33 .Steve Mandanda (France)
34 .Bruno Alves (Portugal)
35 .Lucas Digne (France)
36 .Eliaquim Mangala (France)
37. Morgan Schneiderlin (France)
38. Eliseu (Portugal)
39. Benoît Costil (France)
40. Adrien Silva (Portugal)
41. Danilo Pereira (Portugal)
42. Vieirinha (Portugal)
43. Christophe Jallet (France)
44. Rafa Silva (Portugal)
45. Anthony Lopes (Portugal)
46. Eduardo Carvalho (Portugal)