Monday June 24th, 2024
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The Factory of Chairs

Ahly fans fuck with Bayern Munich, figuratively and digitally.

Staff Writer

The Factory of Chairs

Last week, Bayern Munchen dedicated a Facebook post to the football fans of Egypt asking who's looking forward to their match against Dortmund. One playful Egyptian decided to reply to the post saying that Al-Ahly will take Bayern Munchen behind the factory of chairs, which is the direct translation of an Egyptian slang saying (hakhdak wara masna3 el karasy), meaning that Ahly will fuck Bayern Munchen in their fixture in Club World Cup, scheduled to be held in Morocco next month.

Yesterday, After Bayern beat Dortmund 3-0 in the league, they posted another picture to the fans of Egypt asking who will truly fuck whom behind the imaginery factory of chairs. We say touché to the Germans, but that didn't stop Egyptians from coming back with even more comedy: