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The Food Market at Westown Hub is Literally the Most Family Fun You Could Have This Weekend

Family? Good. Fun? Good! Food? GOOD!

Back in your salad days, you could spend the weekend locked in your room staring at your toenails or experimenting with moonshine recipes and you'd be perfectly content. Now you're lucky if you could squeeze in 15 minutes of downtime – your spouse and kids aren't having your dolce far niente antics, this isn't Europe! 

Now the kids want to be taken out every weekend and you want some adult poopy-diaper-free time with your partner where you can turn back the clock to a time when street carnivals were staples of a fun date. Westown Hub has got your back this Friday September 30th with world-class street food at their Westown Hub-Food Market! The kids' taste buds also get to develop in the process with a fun cooking class that'll keep them occupied for hours! Then Westown Hub will keep them interested with a game of fruit hoops - where they get to throw fruit pieces through hoops to make their own cocktails - before they get a chance to make their own pizza and decorate cakes. However, if cooking is not their thing, Westown Hub will keep them busy with inflatable games and fun activities! The Food Market should also be a hoot for grown ups who can enjoy street food - everything your doctor would probably disapprove of from hotdogs to burgers - from vendors like Kazouza, Chef in a Box, Churros Factory, Reefy, and Mad Dogs. You've also got a live performance by Brass Sound Band, Bluezophrenia, and more, maybe even squeeze in some ass-shaking time when the DJ takes over the decks! 

Food, fun, and music are just what we have come to expect from Westown Hub, so shake off that bad mood and brace yourself for some fun this Friday from the hours of 12 to 10 PM.

Check out Westown Hub's Facebook page here and their Instagram page here.