Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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The Gift of Wine

Gianaclis is feeling generous this holiday season, giving their social media fans and followers the #GiftofWine...

Staff Writer

Christmas is nothing if not about good food and good wine, even if on this side of the equator we're only pretending to celebrate Christmas (the 25th of December sort) to have an excuse to get all festive and frivolous. 

So here at the CairoScene offices we're rather thrilled that our friends over at Gianaclis Vineyards are fuelling the fun this season with the #GiftofWine.

Each day on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook they'll be gifting one of their fans with a beautiful bottle of the good stuff. So they might ask a trivia question on twitter and the first person to answer correctly will get a bottle, or they may ask their fans to Instagram some festive pics, and the first person to do so gets, well, a BOTTLE OF WINE (delivered for free straight to your door). And that, our little festive friends, is what we call Christmas cheer(s). Get it?