Friday December 1st, 2023
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The Greatest Gift You Can Give has launched a special list on their site that lets you give to Egypt's needy orphans in just a few clicks.

Staff Writer

Often, Egypt is drowning in bad news and as the news gets worse, many Egyptians have decided to hold their breath until someone is given infinite powers to solve their problems. Refreshingly, there are concerned Egyptians that are rolling up their sleeves and taking it upon themselves to make a positive impact. One example is that of, the Middle East's first online gift registry. The website is usually used for couples with a wishlist of gifts for their wedding or baby shower but has just launched a list on their homepage for Egypt's neediest orphans. The gift list is under the name Help The Littles Lambs, and is a list of all things desperately needed by the orphanage. The list is filled with a variety of items varying from baby bath tubs and mattresses to food and clothes.

It isn't every day that Egyptians are offered the chance to contribute in a meaningful way. CairoScene would like to thank the for taking on this initiative, and encourage everyone to help out this amazing cause. If you would like to learn more about the The Littlest Lamb orphanage click here. If you have heard enough and want to donate, then please check out this direct link to the the Littlest Lamb List.