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The Inner Circle: Take Two

Party pro Ismail Kassem is back with another super-secretive soiree this February 5th. Here's what we can tell you so far...

The Inner Circle’s illustrious parties are great at keeping Cairenes on their toes. And, you know, encouraging shameless exclusivity and clique-y-ness. And they’re back with another one, set for the 5th of February. You know the drill; if you’re not part of the proverbial inner circle, you’re not invited. Sorry. We don’t make the rules.

As per usual, the location will remain the world’s best kept secret until such a time as the party people decide to disclose it. But don’t worry, they won’t be shocking you by throwing the party in like, an abandoned apartment in Shobra. It’ll be somewhere you know and love. Somewhere on a Cairo island...

While we can’t tell you where it is, we can tell you DJ Samba, who plays no actual Samba music, nor throws Samba bars out onto the audience, and DJ Nita, will be on the decks. You will dance, you will drink, you will run into everyone you’ve ever known. Good times all around. Mark your calendars and have Ismail Kassem on speed dial.