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The Internet Does Bellydancing

Wanna learn how to belly dance without being forced to withstand the humiliation of doing it in public. One website has what you need.

It was US hiphop legend Akon who once said "Hey ladies drop it down, Just want to see you touch the ground / Don't be shy girl go Bananza and Shake ya body like a belly dancer."

This is all very well and good until one is faced with a sweaty classroom full of judging eyes just waiting for you to trip up. The staring eyes, the judging looks, the pointing, the laughter...

Well not any more boyo, because now you can become a belly dancer without ever leaving the house. Finally you can take up a "hobby" that fits nicely with your agrophobia and crippling sense of self doubt, while at the same time building your confidence and generally feeling validated.

Cairo Belly aims to give you the know-how to shimmy, shake and do other belly dancing related moves in your living room, bed room or Egypt's hottest, unairconditioned cabaret clubs.

Basically you can become a bellydancer without leaving your boudoir thanks to a series of glossy tutorials  by a troop of Cairo's top cabaret specialists. Each clip takes you step by step through every move twist and turn with full instructions from the capital's hottest cabaret performers.

And best of all - you, oh would-be Sharazade shimmy queen (or king!), can re-watch the videos at any time over a 30 day period. So whether your boss is dragging you down and you need a career change - or perhaps you just want a cool way to keep fit this summer - Cairo Belly must just be the answer to your (7aram) prayers.

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