Monday December 11th, 2023
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The Irish Cairo Jazz Club Game

How much beer can you drink without needing to pee? That's the name of the game tonight as CJC celebrates St. Patrick's Day!

Staff Writer

It isn't everyday that Egyptians have an opportunity to show their Irish pride but today is St. Patricks day, the day where people across the world don their greenest shirts and drinks their faces off until they have tricked their minds into believing they are indeed Irish. Here at CairoScene, we have more than our fair share of Irish flair, thanks to contributer Conor Shiels, our in-house Irish writer. Unfortunately, he has chosen to take off on vacation to celebrate St. Patricks's day in some far off desert. In order to fill the void we have decided to celebrate St. Patricks day in Conor's honour at his favourite night spot the always fun Cairo Jazz Club.

To commemorate St. Patrick's Day CJC has decided to make the night memorable by playing a game with its patrons that is guaranteed to be a good time. This evening only, the bar will be serving draft beers, offering patrons that enter the game a green hat. The taps will keep flowing with deliciously free drinks for everyone involved, until a participant of the game in a green hat has to go to the bathroom. Once the first person goes to the bathroom, the game will be over, and will effectively end the free drinks, with the culprit having their name announced on stage and awarded a golden hat.

There is no telling how long free beer will be available, but we hope that all participants arrive with empty bladders so that the free good times live on as long as possible. Either way, CairoScene will be there, possibly wearing diapers, to ensure that we get things started proper before we become belligerently Irish.