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The Ironman Triathalon is Coming to Egypt

The world-renowned championship is coming to Egypt in November, 2021.

Ironman is coming to Egypt. No, not the Robert Downey Jr. kind. The notoriously aggressive, physically-draining triathlon for testosterone-fuelled tough guys. Yeah, that one. Are we excited? Yes. Are we terrified? Also yes.

The Ironman Triathlon is a world-renowned championship that tasks the fittest athletes with nearly impossible physical feats back to back. It’s been held in dozens of nations around the world, and now it’s coming to Om El Donia in November 2021.

Participants will have to test their might by swimming, biking, and sprinting across 1.9 km, 90.1 km, and 21.1 km, respectively. It is intense, we weren’t lying. Fancy thinking we were being cute and condescending with the tough guy talk? NO. The whole thing takes athletes an average of 12 hours and 35 minutes to complete, so when we say you've got to be TOUGH, we mean TOUGH. HUGE muscles. BIG heart. MUCH stamina.

The triathlon will be organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and hopes to usher more tourism into the country. As of now, specific locations and dates haven’t been released yet, but we've got to admit, we’re eager to watch this. As for participating, we’ll leave that to you guys.