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The Key to Fun in Cairo

Cairo Key is a new app that is essentially your guide to entertainment in Cairo.

It is easy to fall into the same routine of eating at the same restaurants and smoking at the same cafes. Trying new places can often lead to wasting money and time. Thankfully there is a new app out that exclusively made for Cairenes looking for a new hangout.


Aptly named Cairo Key, unlike most apps that force you to be unsocial, this one makes going out with friends easier. The app is your guide to a huge number of restaurants, cafes, malls, cinemas, heritage sites, hospitals, as well as including directory of Egypt's hotlines.

The app is complete with user feedback and maps, so if you ever need a change of scenery or are looking for something different to do with friends, then this is the app for you. Currently, it is only compatible with Apple products. For more information click here.