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The Life and Times of Ghada

Karim Rahman has nothing better to do, so he decides to write an exposé about Ghada Abdel-Razek's fashion choices.

Ever since the Ramadan TV show season started, Ghada Abdel-Razek's Hekayet Hayah has probably been the most talked about and controversial show to grace the Egyptian airwaves. With content that ranges from incest to a lot of weird and fucked up shit, it's safe to say the show has catapulted the very tall actress into nationwide scrutiny. Everybody seems to be talking about her and her 'interesting' (for lack of a better word) fashion sense. Personally, I am as addicted to the show as the rest of the Egyptian populous. In some sort of masochistic manner, the more retarded and completely idiotic the show's plot line becomes, the more hooked I become. Will she fall in love with her son? Will she end up sleeping with that weirdly hot doctor she seems to be so fond of? Will she finally realise something's wrong with her face? Will Rojina ever stop shouting? I'm dying to find out.

However, my interest in Abdel-Razek extends far beyond that slightly traumatic show. I'm more interested in her as an individual, as a human being with a (debatebly) functioning brain that makes choices and decisions. More importantly, I'm interested in her fashion choices. What makes Ghada tick? What helps her decide what to wear and what not to wear? Who is her stylist and why is s/he (debatebly both) still allowed working privileges with human beings? I examine the life and times of Ghada Abdel-Razek in the fashion world. 

In this photo of Ghada, the actress attempts to channel her inner Lady Gaga with her hairstyle but only manages to make it look like a baboon's ass. Pairing a casual wrist watch with a ball gown is not a look you should ever go for. Shocking pink is definitely not your colour, sweetie.

Ghada goes for the seductress-Tango-mistress look with her heavy kohl, bold red lipstick and carefully-arranged-yet-carelessly-tossed hair. However, she only manages to pull off the "Retarded Herbivore" look.

Ghada is hip, young and fresh with her oversized shades, bubblegum pink lip gloss and glittering silver top. Surprisingly, she still manages to look like a cougar from New Jersey.

Ghada channels the pharaohs with her gold-decked, Azza Fahmy-ish top and hoop earrings. However, she seems to have had a misfortune of her sleeves ripping at the seams from how fat her arms are.

What is this? Why?