Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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The Lighthouse's New Card Game Spotlights Human Connections

Shining a light in the darkness, The Lighthouse is a local card game that's all about asking questions and listening to answers in order to form deeper human connections.

Zeina Ali

When it comes to the fragility and vulnerability inherent in making a human connection, it’s easy to get lost in the dark. It’s hard enough introducing yourself to new people without someone or something to guide your way. That’s where the new locally made card game, The Lighthouse, comes in to illuminate things for us.

“I’m a naturally curious person, but I wanted to bring back healthy curiosity for everyone. People tend to walk into rooms and feel pressured to impress others,” creator Heidi Helmy tells #CairoScene. “The idea behind the game is to listen rather than wait for our turn to speak. It encourages vulnerability. You will never get to know someone without asking the right questions.”

The game is split up into different categories of questions. One person draws a card and everyone else answers the question on it. The only rule? Listen. “When you play it with the right people, the whole point becomes getting to know people you thought you knew,” Helmy explains. “It's all about being intentional with how you get to know people.”

The Lighthouse is available for purchase on their website,