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The Man Brand Does Movember

The Man Brand has launched a campaign for Movember encouraging people to show off their 'staches on Instagram - for every image shared, the beard bros will donate to the National Cancer Institute. Find out how you can get involved with this great cause...

Movember is a movement of males (phew) growing their moustaches and beards throughout the month of November. Sure, it's a fun endeavour, but it's more than just growing your mo'. Movember originated in Australia as an initiative to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's health. Men are to shave their faces on November 1st, smooth as a baby's butt, and raise donations throughout the month as they let their facial hair grow.

The Movember moustache madness has made its way to the streets of Egypt and the city's foremost advocate of facial hair, The Man Brand, is getting in on the good cause. They're encouraging Egyptians to share a picture of their face on Instagram, donning your moustache or beard, with the hashtag #mustache_saved_mylife, and for every picture shared they will be making a donation to the National Institute of Cancer.‎ Additionally, for every Man Brand purchase made throughout the month of November, a percentage will be added to the donation. 

"In Egypt, while people are aware that Movember exists, we've noticed that a lot of them think it's just a fun trend wherein you grow your moustache for this one month and aren't fully aware of the important cause behind it - to raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancer," Mohamed El Shaarawy, President of Man Brand and grower of one hell of a 'stache, tells us, "The Man Brand's is all about spearheading the beard movement in Egypt and as such we felt that we had to get involved and play an active role in Movember. So we launched this social media campaign where every time someone shares an image of themselves with a mustache - real or fake - we will make a donation to the National Institute of Cancer."

So, citizens of Cairo, if you ever wanted to find a way for your manhood to give back to the world, Movember is the way to go. Grow wild knowing that you're making a difference and, as the Man Brand boys say, Moustache On, and Long Live The Beard. Fake moustaches are also encouraged.



You can check out The Man Brand's Instagram account @themanbrandeg.