Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The Middle East's First Football Factory Just Opened in Egypt

They're FIFA-approved and ready for some serious kicking.

Staff Writer

Over at 6th of October's industrial area, Egypt and the Middle East's first factory dedicated to football products has just opened, producing the first FIFA-approved footballs in Egypt.

Speaking to Yalla Kora, founder Seif El Assiuty explained that the new factory is already fully-functioning, with 150 workers and about 15 football experts, some of which have previously been employed at Nike and Adidas, with the aim of producing over 1 million footballs over the upcoming year.

The footballs, as well as the extended range of sports products that are yet to be announced, will be under the brand Tempo Sport, which El Assiuty said has been trademarked in Fayoum, and he hopes it will soon emerge as a leading brand in its field across the region.

"Egypt, as well as Africa and the Middle East, all don't have any factories producing footballs. 90% of such products come from China and Pakistan, how is this even possible? We're looking into expanding in every possible way. Hopefully soon we'll be the official producer of jerseys and everything that has to do with Egypt's Premier League."

Image: Pakistani Football Factory // Reuters.