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The Ministry of Culture is Releasing Online Workshops for Aspiring Egyptian Actors

This initiative comes as a part of the ministry’s bigger, ongoing online cultural programme.


Under the umbrella of the bigger “Khaleik Fl Beit…El Thaqafa Bein Edeik” initiative, Minister of Culture Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem announced that a digital workshop series meant to train aspiring theatre actors will be launched under the name 'Ebdaa’ Helmak Online' - which translates to "Start Your Dream." The initiative will prepare and train young theatre artists to be the next Ahmed Zaki.

The lectures will be based on the “Ebdaa’ Helmak” workshop, which has already been actively training actors for the past two years, but will now be adapted for online consumption in light of current circumstances. Every day, a 15-minute video lecture will broadcast on the platform covering various subjects within the scope of theatre art.

The project is expected to begin releasing lectures sometime next week, as it’s already begun filming the sessions. These lectures will be uploaded through the ministry’s YouTube channel as well as on their social media pages. You can access their channel at