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The Name’s Ganz. BYGANZ.

I fucking LOVE James Bond. 007 is the personification of suave sophistication. Even though don’t know how to properly use a fire arm and am brown, I still aspire to be this silver screen hero and I can try my very best by drinking Hieneken at least.

From Heineken With Love, HeinekenFinger, The Heineken Who Loved Me, and Heineken Never Dies are some of my favourite Bond flicks. Now, in celebration of the delicious crisp taste of Heineken beer and Bond’s superhero status, ByGanz are throwing a black tie blowout for the slickest in Cairo’s society. We think there me be some sort of association to the latest 007 blockbuster Skyfall as well,  BUT, more importantly, Heineken! Mmmmm Heineken. The exclusive guest list is expected to dress to impress –  black tie for the boys and Bond-girl gowns for the ladies – what else? If you were lucky enough to be invited, you will be treated to a night of sophistication, Heineken, glamour, Heineken, international house music diva Vanessa Klein (Vanessa Kleineken) AND Heineken.

Naturally, 007 Skyfall: The Official James Bond Party  is being held in a top secret location. This message will not self-destruct in 3 seconds because, essentially, it’s just an algorithm of codes displayed on a monitor…Drink Heineken!

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