Sunday May 26th, 2024
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The Netherlands Turns a Spotlight on Arab Female Filmmakers

The Eye National Museum for Film hosts Hend Sabry for a special exhibition all about women in cinema in the Arab world.

Staff Writer

The Netherlands Turns a Spotlight on Arab Female Filmmakers

It seems that film festivals are truly our hope for empowering directors and actors who think outside of the box as well as a means to bring something new to the screen. ‘Where Do We Go Now?’ is an upcoming film exhibition in the Netherlands where women hold the reigns behind the camera. The Eye National Museum for Film will be holding the exhibition until the 21st of June, with the goals is shedding light on the welcomed rise in female film makers from the Arab World. With a solid selection of first and second films by renowned female Arab filmmakers, the exhibition will not only have feature films but also documentaries and short films.

Leading Tunisian (let's be honest, she's an honorary Egyptian now) actress Hend Sabry, known for her role in comedy movies as well as gripping social dramas, will be heading to the exhibition where two of her movies will be shown; Asmaa and The Silence of The Palace

Most of the films shown at The Eye shed light on the plight of women in the region pushing forward discussions and debates aplenty and looking at these issues from different angels be it political, religion, social or all three. Seeing that they are Arab filmmakers, the films have a real grasp and understanding of the women they are presenting.