Sunday September 24th, 2023
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The NeverEnding Curfew?

According to Al-Ahram, an official government source has indicated that the curfew could go on longer than mid-November, which was what was originally promised...

Staff Writer

The on-going joke that are Egypt's representatives are continuing to take a back seat to the military's will. On Tuesday, the cabinet media adviser said that the imposed curfew on Cairo and 13 other governorates would probably end in mid-November. This is due to the temporary charter adopted by interim president Adly Mansour, which states that Emergency Law can only be extended after three months, via a national referendum.

Unfortunately, Al-Ahram is claiming that an official but anonymous source believes that the state of emergency may in fact go beyond mid-November. There is no word if it will go on for another 30 years, but the masses should know Egypt doesn't really have a government; it has a military that has no plans of giving up their control over the sheeple