Thursday March 30th, 2023
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The New Heliopolis Museum Wants Your Memorabilia Items For Permanent Display

Baron Empain's Palace is soon to be reborn as a museum telling the story of the historic neighborhood.

Staff Writer

Over a century ago, Baron Empain put the foundation stone of what would become Heliopolis, one of modern Cairo's most affluent neighborhoods. As recently announced, his masterpiece of a palace is undergoing extensive renovations and will open to the public in October, rebranded as The Heliopolis Museum.

The cultural initiative, Heliopolis Heritage Foundation, in collaboration with the Antiquities Ministry, has just released a statement calling on current and former residents of the historic suburbs to come forward with their family memorabilia, announcing the collection of a spectrum of items that include family portraits, postcards, furniture, certificates, old shop fronts, even vintage water and electricity bills - basically anything that helps narrate the story of the neighborhood through the lives of its citizens, as well as showcase their way of life since the dawn of the 20th century up until 1960.

The items will be placed in the new museum upon launching, with their original owners credited for any piece donated with a name-tag next to their pieces.

If you have something to donate, reach out to The Heliopolis Heritage Foundation via Facebook.