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'The Next' Conference May Just Save Your Business

In an uncertain global economy, business owners have many sleepless nights. This conference is aimed at teaching you how to avoid crisis and achieve growth.

In life, as in love, it helps to have a plan. In business, however, you need much more than a plan, you need a strategy. You may be reading this and wondering, what is a strategy and where do I get one. We're glad you asked. 

The Next is a strategic thinking conference with a pretty blunt theme: growth vs. crisis. And here's why you need to attend, because your business is one big mess, it's a circus act. Which is why The Next will focus on strategic transformations and innovative marketing strategies.

In turbulent economic times across the globe like these, crisis in business always seems to be lurking around the corner, so how to push towards growth for your company is surely on the minds of many entrepreneurs.

The conference will be held this Monday, October 23 at the Intercontinental City Stars and already has 1.4 thousand interested people on their Facebook event, so you should book a ticket now if you don’t want your business venture to sink. You can also learn more about the conference on their Facebook page.