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The Nile Project Comes To Cairo

The huge project of musicians from the entirety of the Nile Basin are coming to Cairo to share their message and play cross-cultural tunes.

While the Nile is thought of primarily as an Egyptian entity, the fact is that the longest river in the world flows through eleven countries. The water and the field-fertilising resources that it transports directly fuels lives of people and animals that live around it. The resources it provides have been the cause of conflict for thousands of years, continuing into modern day. The Nile Project seeks to end such conflict through education empowerment and music. 
Bringing together 34 musicians from all 11 Nile countries, the group is preparing for a string of Egyptian concerts including a concert in Cairo presented by Nacelle, inspiring citizens of the Nile to empathise and understand one another by realising their shared relationship with the most famous river in the world. 
Music which utilises the diverse instruments and cultures of the region will be the highlight of the event though several other programs will be taking place as well. The Nile Fellowship, and Nile Prize programs bring students to the forefront, using their education to bring the region together and break down cultural barriers. Meanwhile the Dialogue & Education programs provide workshops that promote cross-cultural dialogues and give students the opportunity to communicate and understand fellow members of the Nile Basin’s population. 
The Nile Project is a singular experience that brings positive energy to a historically troubled region. They take the stage at the Royal Mohamed Aly Club on Feb 18 at 7PM. For information call 01001790022.
Check out the Facebook event here, The Nile Project’s page, and Nacelle