Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hosts Sahl Hasheesh's Second Annual Egyptian Tourism Investment Briefing

Local and global speakers talk business and tourism on March 1st, as the Nile Ritz-Carlton hosts Sahl Hasheesh's second annual Egyptian Tourism Investment Briefing.

Staff Writer
Egypt’s vital tourism industry is at an all time low. Money, which usually flows in from visitors to Egypt’s cultural and historical sites, has all but dried up in recent years due to the political climate of the region. Egypt has not, however, been abandoned yet. Those who run businesses and have already invested in the country are eager in seeking ways to help the country rebound.
Founded and hosted by Sahl Hasheesh, the Egyptian Tourism Investment Briefing is, for the second consecutive year, evaluating the status of tourism in Egypt for future development and investment. The event features panel discussions and lectures from leaders in both local and international industries, as well as developers and economists. Assessing factors such as what the government is doing to support and encourage tourism, the conference allow room for exploring Egypt’s roadmap for its projected plans to give investors an idea of where things are headed.
Held at the Nile Ritz-Carlton in Cairo on March 1st, the conference will hopefully found new avenues for Egyptian tourism, alongside bolstering existing tourist destinations by enticing visitors.
For more information about founders, Sahl Hasheesh, find them on Facebook and Instagram @sahlhasheesheg.