Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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The Smokery Beach Goes To Gouna

The Smokery Beach, here we come!

Staff Writer

We've had our fair share of (awesome) experiences at The Smokery, from scrumptious breakfasts at Katameya and February fondue to their delish Gout de France. Knowing very well that most of us will be frolicking the sandy shores of the Red Sea this summer, these guys went ahead and opened up their first The Smokery Beach in Gouna, so now there's something a little different to do around the Red Sea resort town this season.
"Adding a little edge and a little sass to what you know of The Smokery, we went a little rustic with the design with the help of COCA Interiors and we can tell you this it’s easy on the eyes to say the least,'' enthuses Alexandra Henein, co-owner and daughter of Karim and Angela Henein who founded The Smokery in 2012. Boasting good food, great views, and an even better – often musical – ambiance, and given the Egyptian tendency to take weddings to the beach during summer, Henein says that they've already had many wedding bookings before they even opened.
''Of course we’ve got the essentials for our beach menu, the delicious Smokery pizzas, club sandwiches and light eats but we’ve also got sushi and The Smokery El Gouna Yacht Club’s menu starting 4 PM right on the shore of the Red Sea,'' says Henein, who reveals that the beach bar will be operating all day. ''So even if you’re taking a boat during the day, The Smokery Beach sure has a lot to offer when you’re back to land,'' she adds. 

Lucky for us, The Smokery Beach will be open throughout with the beach menu and a reduced menu from The Smokery Yacht Club after 4 PM. Imagine breaking your fast to some beachside bites with a killer view. Sadly, you'll have to feast your eyes on this picture to get your beachside sushi fix for the next little while because they're putting sushi-serving on a hiatus until September.With their soft opening kicking off just around two weeks ago, the folks behind Gouna's The Smokery Beach have been busy and bustling ever since – but, that's not all she wrote. Henein fills us in that The Smokery fans should keep their eyes and ears peeled for The Grand Opening Beach Party happening this September, where Gouna and Cairo's crème de la crème will be invited to the unforgettable experience that is Gouna Red. We're as curious as you are, but for now, we're also hungry for some good ol' Smokery food and that killer beach view – sure beats fast food delivery at the office any day.

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