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The Street Store Egypt: Clothing the Homeless

The Street Store dresses up the country's homeless and undesired in your love (and clothes).

Our busy and hectic lives often lead us to limit our experiences to what we know and what is familiar, and unless your job requires you to be well-informed on what is going on around you, you will find yourself gradually slipping into oblivion; desensitised to other people’s problems and suffering, you become self-centred and removed from your own milieu. One organisation committed to involving you in one of our society’s harshest realities is The Street Store Egypt, a pop-up clothes shop for the homeless. And because their legitimate claim for dignity has long been ignored, The Street Store dresses the homeless just as they would in a normal shop; they choose the item and try it on. But there is only one catch: it all depends on you. The project is fuelled by your donations, which you can make at their office. You can also have them collected at your doorstep.

The idea is part of a bigger cause, which is clothing the world’s unwanted and undesired. The first ever Street Store was set up in Capetown, South Africa, and since then about 162 stores have sprung up across 119 cities around the world, as per The Street Store's website.

Your last season Armani jeans – you know, the ones sitting in your closet collecting dust – they could mean the world to someone else!

Check out The Street Store on Facebook and find out how you can help!