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The Tap Maadi, East, and West, Gearing up for a Spook-tacular Halloween

Witch better have my candy.

The Tap Cairo

Wherever you are in Cairo, you can never be too far from one of the three The Tap-strategically-located bars shaping nightlife swag across three major parts of Cairo; New Cairo's The Tap East, Zayed's The Tap West, and The Tap Maadi.

The three venues have given a lifeline to the city's nightlife industry for years, carrying on with the trail-blazing tradition this Halloween by cooking up three spooky nights for you mischievous Cairenes. What type of sorcery is this?

For those of you heading down to Maadi, get up to no good at Haunted and Hungover at the Tap Maadi this Halloween, featuring Elol's sickening haunted house tunes, along with Sharmoofers' trumpeter Solly and the highly sought-after spinners Ouzo and Sebzzz set to kick up the vibes to cloud 9.

West Side Cairenes are invited to get the heebie-jeebies at the ghostly Graveyard Grooves at the Tap West, where Djunkie’s groovy beats will have the whole place on their feet, with a bunch of zombies and werewolves bustin’ some moves, in true Halloween fashion.
Those of you on the East, meaning Tagamo3 and neighboring territories, the Tap East is hosting rap specialist DJ Feedo who’s on a mission to hook you you up with his usual hip-hop and RnB antics, and he’s calling out all you creepy-costumed monsters to come and do the 'milly rock' with him in a bone-chilling environment.

Get them costumes ready ladies and gents, and make sure they’re absolutely spook-tacular, because spookiest of them all gets an extra special prize. 

Main image from CairoZoom

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