Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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The Tap's New Weeknight Hungry Hour Will Leave You Up to Your Knees in Chicken Wings

Cairo revels as news of a new Hungry Hour at both The Tap Maadi and The Tap East promise a bottomless red bucket of chicken wings every weeknight from 5 to 8 PM!

Staff Writer

Our collective lives amidst the mayhem of our city were heavily affected to the better with the arrival of The Tap. The sight of that red bucket making it's way to your table, paired with the smell of freshly baked chicken wings covered with your favourite sauce, has, over the past two years, altered pathways in our brains, where now we start drooling whenever we see any red bucket of the same sort. We can't stop peering into those sand filled buckets they use to put out fires whenever we pass by one just to make sure it has no wings in it.
The Tap understands that we take our wings very seriously, they know that, sometimes, we need chicken wings in unlimited quantities, hence their new Hungry Hour. Available at both The Tap East and The Tap Maadi, every weeknight from 5 to 8 pm, you will get the chance to indulge in an all you can eat chicken wings extravaganza, we are talking about three hours of non-stop wings. We do not know how they are planning on staying open, in three hours two of our writers can eat enough food to make The Tap go bankrupt - no joke, our social media executive just won a food eating contest. You will also receive a complimentary beer with every burger you order, and a complimentary glass of wine with every steak. The happiness doesn't stop there, during the Hungry Hour you will be getting three beers for the price of two - with all the spicy wings you will eat, you will need that offer. 

You will basically be growing feathers and crying tears of drunken joy by the end of your meal. Bring on the red bucket!   

Find The Tap Maadi on Facebook here and The Tap East here.