Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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The Temple Presents Winter Fresh

Winter is coming, rain clouds are amassing, hail storms abound - but, have no fear, Winter Fresh is here.

Staff Writer

Feeling a bit on the down side? Like everything is turning gloomy all of a sudden? Blame it on the winter! Have no fear, though, because The Temple is inviting you to thaw your soul at Winter Fresh. This coming Thursday, Mykonos-based DJ, Anastasis Basias, and local champion DJ A.K. take to the decks of the famous floating hotspot, to freshen up your season. 

This will be the start of an upcoming series of parties, each with a different name and theme but with one thing in common: the music. With most events in Cairo nowadays catering to the more underground side of the coin, The Temple plans to flip that coin by offering an alternative that caters to those of you who like the more commercial tunes that have become a rare commodity in this town, without forfeiting on quality and exclusivity.

We all know the spot has played host to some of the best parties over the past couple of years and we expect nothing short of a kickass party this weekend as well. Worry not, no worship rituals happening at The Temple - only dancing rituals take place there. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thetemple