Friday 9 of December, 2022
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The Temple's Last Two Shebangs Announced

The Temple's closing down for the summer and we get to say our goodbyes over drinks and sick beats, so that's not so bad.

Staff Writer

It's with great sorrow that we inform you that The Temple is closing down for the summer, and with mixed feelings of sadness and joy that we announce that next weekend at the nightery will be a bittersweet celebration.

The Temple’s closing weekend consists of two equally mind-blowing shebangs; the first is Cabaret night on Thursday April 14th, and it features commercial House beatmaster Lyon Avakian, and the ever-so-alluring belly dancer Amie. The following day marks the last edition of Disco at the Temple for a while, and to help make it memorable is none other than French Disco and Funk guru David Stepanoff.

Letting go is hard, we know, but you get an entire weekend to say your goodbyes, get wasted, and dance your ass off! We will count the days until summer is over and The Temple is open again. *sigh*.  

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