Monday December 11th, 2023
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The Vintage Egyptian Coin Reimagined: 95-Year-Old Brand Ghobrial Jewellery's Latest Collection

And it's the ultimate exclamation point to your next iconic look.

Staff Writer

94-year-old family-business Ghobrial Jewellery's latest signature collection repurposing Egyptian quarter-pound coins might be the cutest creations Egypt has seen yet. Currently co-run by siblings Fouad and Sarah Ghobrial, they take pride in having allowed women to perfect the final touch of an iconic look for almost a century.

"For us, jewellery is considered the exclamation point of a woman's outfit. You could say that our love for jewellery is in our blood, as we are the fifth generation of the Ghobrial family to practice the fine art of handmade jewellery," Fouad Ghobrial told CairoScene.

Ghobrials' speciality is in marrying vintage pieces and modern designs, creating wearable, sparkling, original pieces of jewellery linked to the Egyptian heritage.

Their last Egyptian coin collection features what could be considered one of their signature designs, in part because it was inspired by their great-grandfathers who had also collected and reimagined coins as accessories. 

"The current generation of youth don't see or use these coins anymore, because they are no longer available. We thought that it would be great to revive these authentic designs while adding a touch of modernity," Ghobrial told us. "So, we introduced this collection: Jewellery with a blast from the past. People always say that we should leave the past behind, but with jewellery, it is the past that dictates our identities."

They plan on reworking the iconic Egyptian coins into more of their upcoming lines, playing more into their speciality of mixing the old with the new. Also in the works are their plans to incorporate more gold to their pieces.

For the time being, you can order through their Facebook or Instagram pages where they’ll also announce their upcoming showcases.