Thursday June 8th, 2023
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The World Cup Lands in Egypt

And it's probably the closest Egypt is going to get to holding the legendary trophy. Let's be honest.

Staff Writer

Let's not kid ourselves; there is zero chance of an Egyptian football player lifting the World Cup trophy next year following the humiliating defeat to Ghana in the first leg of qualifiers BUT that does not mean Egyptians in general won't get a chance to.

The trophy tour, which spans 88 countries in 267 days, will land in Egypt from Jordan tomorrow, 14th November before moving on to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. After a press conference to announce the start of the visit, the trophy will make it's way to Mena House and then the Pyramids on the 16th, where the public will get a chance to get to see it up close and enjoy a huge show including a 3D projection to tell the World Cup story.