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#TheBossIsBack This Tuesday and He's Bringing the Incredibly Sexy Hany Adel With Him

#TheBossIsBack. He's waiting for you. Tuesday the 27th - Citystars - 7 PM. Will you be there?

When it comes to fashion in Egypt, Hugo has always been the Boss. Now, ladies and gentlemen, #theBossisback! Sleeker and sexier than ever, Hugo Boss has totally redesigned and breathtakingly revamped its Citystars location, which of course means celebrating the grand re-opening like a Boss. 

The newly envisioned Hugo Boss store in Citystars was an undertaking by the new management who completely gave the shop an extreme makeover. To celebrate? Deals, an exciting announcement, and 20 percent off everything in the brand new store this Tuesday, September 27th. Excited by the news Uber decided to match the Boss and will be offering 20% discount on the first 200 rides. Plus there'll also be complimentary styling sessions for those who need a few tips and tricks before becoming the next fashionista influencer on Instagram’.

All of this is great, but it wouldn't be the return of the Boss if they didn't go all out. Stay classy, ladies, because sexy Wust el Balad lead singer Hany Adel will be stopping by as the newest brand ambassador of Hugo Boss (Egypt). We promise not to drool, catcall, fangirl, or do other obnoxious and unclassy things we're often notorious for doing upon seeing this gorgeous beast of a Boss. Accompanying him will also be a slew of music and film stars, and closing out the evening are the captivating musical jazz stylings of the amazing Michelle Rounds.

Kicking off at 7 PM, you know it's going to be a full house from the get-go, so don't even bother with driving there and parking. The Boss' got you covered. Partnering up with Uber, the first 200 people to plug in promo code 'UberLovesBoss' get 20 percent off their ride to or from Citystars.

Get classy, Cairo, because #TheBossIsBack.

For more information visit Hugo Boss' Facebook and Instagram.