Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Theater of Dreams Hits the Beach

An all day beach bang is coming our way; a 12-hour non-stop party where they put music above all...

Staff Writer

We don’t know what kind of things you dream of but our dreams are made of unicorns, rainbows and a wicked line-up of House DJs. And Theater of Dreams is bringing the latter out of the dreamscape and into our reality with the third edition of their all-out parties happening this August 14th. The crew are hitting up Sahel this time around for part three of their notorious music festivals. They’ve already shaking up the Ras Shetan shore with their very first event, spun Sapce Sharm into a frenzy with their second edition and are now making their way north and preparing to knock you out with some non-stop beats on the beach. Music above all, guys, music above all…

The Beach Music Festival, taking place at Marseilia Beach 4 in Sidi Abdel Rahman is going to be a solid 12 hours of sick tunes, as a slew of decknicians rock the seaside from 3PM to 3AM. Prepare your ears for an avalanche of endless beats and your feet for some hardcore dancing. Like, do some little foot training at home so your tootsies don’t tire out.

The all-day shore side shebang will feature NINE local turntables legends to ensure that Sahel is going to be seriously shaken up, including terrible twosome Aguizi & Fahim, the one and only beatmaster royale Baher, and the guys who’s spun up a storm in Spain’s Elrow, Abou Samra. Expect the beach to vibrate.

Also it’s invite-only, so you’ll know if you’re on the list. And bring sunscreen, kids! Full lineup below.

Abou Samra

Aguizi & Fahim




Gaser B2B Chiati


M Fayek


You can find out more about Theatre of Dreams here.