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There's Something About Strawberries...

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza's Beymen Cafe have strawberries firmly on the agenda this season. Here's why we can't get enough.

Winter is coming, but its not as tragic as it sounds for with the month of December comes one of our favourite fruits. A member of the rose family, red and bright, heart shaped with a seeded coat and a leafy green crown is none other than one of our favourite healthy snacks...big up the strawberry! It is extremely difficult to resist these exotic, perfectly ripe berries when they are in season, but panic not, for Beymen Cafe is spoiling us with a strawberry promotion.

Known to be rich in vitamins and apparently an aphrodisiac, hence being our go to berry when trying to be romantic, it is the month to indulge in these little red gems. Why use the artificial strawberry flavours when Beymen Cafe is bringing you an array of beautifully presented and delicious tasting plates adorned with actual sweet strawberries until the end of the month?

From strawberry cakes and pastries to savoury dishes such as sushi adorned with strawberries, Beymen Cafe is getting creative and is inviting you to join them. Don't miss out and indulge this festive seasons with some delicious red and juicy strawberries.

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