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There's a Corn Craze Sweeping the City, Get on Board or Get Out of the Way

Corniest eatery ever.

There's a Corn Craze Sweeping up Town, and We're Not Ready.

Corn is an inherent food staple in nearly all cultures across the world, cooked and eaten in many different forms. Here in Egypt, however, grilled corn is the most common form, widely available in the thousands of street corn carts scattered across Egypt. But have you ever tried a Doritos-infused Corn Cob, or even Crispy Glazed Corn Cob? No? Step forward, Corn Craze!

Founded by corn connoisseur Emad El Sherif, Corn Craze is singlehandedly  re-inventing the proverbial Egyptian Corn Wheel. You might have seen the mobile eatery-come-bike at events and various spots. On a mission to reshape how we eat corn, Corn Craze is for the adventurous foodies who are willing to put Cheetos, Doritos, or even honey on their corn. And for those who might not be as wild at heart, there's your classic corn staples, such as the healthier Steamed Corn Cob option, while the Corn Craze signature, Fried Corn on the Cob, is also one of the bike's most popular items. With Corn Craze, you can have your corn in which ever form, whether it's in a cup or on the cob, seasoned and flavored to what your tummy desires.

And just in case you're especially sweet-toothed, Corn Craze has you covered, with dessert options coming in the form of, you guessed it, corn cups, oozing with your choice of Nutella or honey, or sprinkled with powdered sugar. And lest we forget their adorable mini pan cakes, generously smothered in more of that sweet, sweet Nutella.

Catering to a number of different occasions like birthdays, weddings, engagements, and more, the Corn Craze Bike is readily available, catering to which ever occasions you might be planning soon. And if by any chance you're feeling a little Corn-curious lately, you can drop by the many Corn Craze Bikes popping up this summer at your favorite destinations. With the likes of the scenic Hacienda Bay having a little corn craze of its own, the Sahel hot spot is set to host the Cornilicious Yellow Bike for the season, officially making our summer a little extra corny.

Make sure you drop by Corn Craze's Instagram and Facebook.

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