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These Designers are Adding a Sexy, Mysterious New Spin on Cairo

We interviewed the peculiar people behind the 'Cairo Reimagined Campaign' and this is what they had to say.

A mysterious new presence has come onto the Egyptian cybersphere, and it’s not quite typical or orthodox. A group calling itself the Cairo Reimagined Campaign have emerged on Facebook and they have been posting some of the most visually creative pictures of Cairo, except their version of the ancient city doesn't really reflect its reality. "Our concept is about re-imagination and chasing change that is based on absolute creative freedoms and fusing the old style with the contemporary/modern luxury," says the masterminds behind the campaign.  

They’re not typical pictures, however. They’re dressed in all sorts of colours and funky designs and have a lot of added things on top of what is already there. Have a look at they've made so far.

The results of what they have done insanely arouse one’s curiosity, and that’s why we decided to talk to them directly. That's when we discovered that it was a teaser campaign and they couldn't be holding on to their secrets any better. What are they teasing us with? We're literally going nuts to find out! That's their intention though. When we asked them what the campaign was for, they said "we want to create both word of mouth and hype. We would like to create a 'digital situation' where people wonder 'what is Cairo Reimagined?' 'who is behind it?'". They're certainly getting us to do it!

But why call it Cairo Reimagined? Their cryptic response was "this is the slogan that we aim to push to give people hope and to recreate Cairo in a modern way... Cairo is already beautiful. With simple touches, it can go way beyond".

We've also noticed some billboards scattered around the capital with the same slogan. Not saying much beyond their slogan and "Yesterday's charm. Today's inspiration", there isn't anything else to them. Are they related? Do they have anything to do with the Facebook page? Do they have anything to do with them? They had no comment on that.

Other than that, we simply have no idea of what other shenanigans they're up to. Nothing on how long they planned this, nothing on what's to come next. Not even a single clue on when the big reveal will take place, but we're still super excited! It's all part of their grand scheme to keep people tuned in, and, we have to say, they’ve got us at the edge of our seats. We can’t wait to see what it's really all about. Maybe even one day we'll see some of these designs actually realised. Only time will tell.

You can check out Cairo Reimagined’s Facebook here.

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