Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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These Two New Companies will Be Charged with Cleaning Cairo's Streets

Cairo have hired two private companies - Ertekaa Integrated Services & Waste Recycling, and Enviro Master Environmental Services - to keep the governorate's streets clean and collect its trash.

John Bichara

The Governorate of Cairo, along with the Ministry of Environment, has unleashed two private companies to keep the streets of Egypt's capital clean. Ertekaa Integrated Services & Waste Recycling, and Enviro Master Environmental Services, were hired by the government in May 2021, and it's just now that they're being released into the wilds of Cairo's urban jungle to collect garbage, clean streets and maintain the newly-implemented waste management system. Enviro Master will reportedly begin their rounds through neighbourhoods in Heliopolis, Nasr City, El-Nozha and El Matareya.

This would not be the first time Egypt has employed private companies to clean Egypt's streets, having hired European companies over a decade ago to handle the work. They were phased out since they were unable to navigate an outdated collection infrastructure - an issue that the Ministry of Environment now hopes it can resolve with their new waste management system, along with the involvement of regional companies, the establishment of initiatives to encourage recycling, and the passing of Egypt's first waste management law in October 2020.

Egypt's sweep of reforms also includes the introduction of auxiliary vacuum cleaners to replace brooms by the General Authority for Cleanliness and Beautification, and registering 5,000 informal garbage collectors across Egypt so that they would have access to social insurance.