Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Things Mubarak Can't Wait to Do

So Mubarak is being set free? We imagine he's missed out on a few of his favourite things...

Staff Writer

Surprise, surprise, SCAF is back in charge of the country and, just like that Mubarak is being released. The justification of his release is due to the fact that his earlier conviction was appealed and a retrial was ordered. Apparently, the law states that he has served the maximum pre-trial detention one can awaiting trial. If that doesn't sit well, you might be interested to hear that the prime minister's office said the measure would be taken “in the context of the emergency law." However, the man still faces charges of being complicit in the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising.

So now that Mubarak is out, we at CairoScene have decided to compile a list of all the Egyptian things we think Mubarak can't wait to do. 

Return to his preferred brand of hair dye. Because he's worth it.

Break the curfew and enjoy the state of emergency he missed.

Dive in Sharm El Sheikh and determine which sharks are Israeli spies.

Re-line his bed with whatever money he has left.

Put together a re-election campaign.

Take Suzanne out to a cafe and smack the shisha pipes out of people's hands.

Send a horse's head to the Muslim Brotherhood to remind them who's boss.

Get a newer, sassier pinstripe suit.

Finally check out this Nacelle thing everyone's talking about.