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Think You Know Your Squad? Prove it With Card Game ‘Friend or Fraud’

Are you a fake friend, or are you tight with the crew? ‘Friend or Foe’, a new game from local brand Zag Games, will help you answer that question.

friend or fraud

If there’s anything we learned from Kanye West’s ‘Real Friends’ and Drake’s ‘No New Friends’, is that apparently it's hard to know who your real friends are when you're in the rap game. And in a way, aren't we all playing the ultimate rap game in 2020? Here to help us set apart our true friends from all the fakers is ‘Friend or Foe’ by Zag Games, the ultimate test that sees just how tight you are with your crew.

Played in groups or in pairs, you divide yourselves into teams to ask and answer questions from five different categories. “The norm” tests your shella’s knowledge of your daily routine and lifestyle habits, "the social" digs into your social life, skills and relationships, and "background check" needs you to know your squad's general preferences and basic information. If you’re looking to get really deep, try your hand at the "psyche" category, which contains intimate, personal questions. Finally, the “between me and you” category (which can only be played in pairs) sees just how many memories you and one other person shares - perfect for those oh-so-relatable "Don't shoot, he's the real clone, just ask me anything only I would know!" moments.

“This game could really serve as a conversation starter,” Mazhar Ibrahim – co-founder of Zag Games - tells CairoScene. “It also helps keep things interesting between you and your friends, and can work for any kind of group dynamic.

In the future, Zag Games plan to launch an Arabic game called “El 7ekaya”, an Arabic storytelling game called “El 7ekaya” centred all around how well you can spin a yarn, 'ta7weer'-style. You can order “Friend of Fraud” online with delivery all across Egypt, and soon it will be available in all the major convenience stores in the country.

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