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This 19-Year Old is the Youngest Person Working for The Minister of Education

Mostafa Magdy is an active member in Egypt's initiative to reform its education system.

Young Egyptians seem to be on a roll with their achievements this year in sports, art, music, and theatre. But now, there’s a young man who’s making great strides in politics. Mostafa Magdy is the youngest member participating in the Ministry of Education’s initiative in reforming the Egyptian education system. 

The 19-year old intern is a student at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport. He was the president of the student council of schools in Cairo as well as the administrative office for the student councils of Cairo, as reported by Al Masrawy. In addition to this, the young assistant recently appeared on television beside the Minister of Education Tarek Shawky after having appeared on television beside President El Sisi. 

The ambitious teenager is also a part of the supreme executive committee of the Ministry of Education as well as the government's initiative to reform Egypt by 2030. 

All photos by Masrawy


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