Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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This 23-Year-Old GUC Graduate Was Shot Dead by a Judge for Defending His Fiancée in Nasr City

Mo'men Saad Agha was shot and killed defending his fiancée after the judge wrongfully accused her of robbery.

Staff Writer

In a horrifying incident that took place in the eastern Cairo neighbourhood of Nasr City on Tuesday, an Egyptian judge shot and killed Mo'men Saad Agha, a young Egyptian man, when he tried to defend his fiancée after the judge wrongfully accused her of robbery, El Shorouk reports.

Agha, who was a GUC graduate and army conscript, was standing in front of a building in Nasr City waiting for his fiancée, who was on a quick visit to a family friend. As she was exiting the building, the judge, who also lives in the building, stopped her to investigate who she was visiting and accused her of being a thief.

Agha overheard the heated argument and quickly stepped in to protect his fiancée, engaging in a violent argument with the judge, who eventually pulled out his gun and shot Agha dead on the spot, in sight of everyone, including his-now traumatised fiancée.

The judge reportedly turned himself in to the police, which has swiftly referred him to the general prosecutor and requested that his judicial immunity be revoked by the Supreme Judicial Council.

Photo: Facebook