Monday 5 of December, 2022
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This Hippie Camp in Ras Shitan Is the Ultimate Beach Getaway This Fall

You like the beach? But like mountains too? Here you got both.

Staff Writer

As tourism in Egypt is growing significantly, many holiday spots such as Gouna or sa7el can feel overcrowded, especially in peak times, so it can be difficult to find a place with some peace, quiet, and serenity to loosen up and leave your troubles back in Cairo.

But it never feels that way at Little Head Camp, where you’re cosied up  in a corner of Sinai in Nuweiba (Ras Sheetan) in a little shack, with the stars shining bright and the crisp air so quiet it feels like you can hear it breathe. You’re posted in a spot right between the mountains and the sea, in what is truly a picturesque, or should I say highly “Instagrammable” setting.

It all started with Little Head Camp owner Tarek Deif four years ago, when he was just chillin’ on the scorching sand of Sinai, his usual holiday spot, as he got an epiphany. "Imagine if I could live here all year, and somehow make it work," he fantasised. 

Yes, Tarek’s intentions were more self-indulgent than anything. He absolutely loved the area, and loved how he felt there, so was intent on making his fantasy a reality. So he got the idea of creating a spot where people could just kick it, with food, drinks, and the same calm atmosphere of the Sinai. Unlike most epiphanies, Tarek acted this one out and slowly started working towards this goal.

“First, I went around Sinai looking for the perfect spot. I came across this area, and thought it would be perfect. We renovated the whole place, got help to build the huts, kitchen, and the huge bonfire, said Tarek, founder of Little Head Camp.

Little Head Camp owner and founder Tarek Deif

It’s beautiful to get back to primitive ways from time to time, away from the big city lights and adverts shining at every corner of your eye, polluting your mind with unnecessary rubbish. None of that at Little Head Camp. Hopefully phones run out of battery too, so people can get back to practising the long-lost art of conversation, and forget about screens for a little while. And maybe even meditate a little.

We say primitive ways, but that don’t mean you’re gonna be hunting for your own food. It’s still a holiday, god damn it. Little Head Camp does have a cool little bar, or shack if you will, with some great, fresh food and all the delicious cocktails your indulgent self requires.  

Booming tourism in Sinai is nothing new, though it did slow down following the revolution, as the area was considered a little dangerous, but Tarek claims that it's on the rise again, just like everywhere else in Egypt.

The place has a mix of local and Foreign tourists – “Mainly, the people are from Israel and Egypt. In the winter, we get some European tourists as well. At the moment, there is a rise in tourism in Sinai, just like in the rest of Egypt”, added Tarek.

But the best part of it all is something that’s always been difficult to describe – the serene, calm atmosphere that truly allows for complete peace of mind. Anyone who’s been there, or to this type of place will immediately understand what this atmosphere is, and the best way I can think of to describe it is a “high without drugs’’.

If you like camping, this is like camping 2.0. Little Head Camp picked an absolutely gorgeous spot, provided us with food and drinks, cute little shacks, and the chance to meet other like-minded people. It’s a completely different type of experience, and it’s a change from all the other holiday spots that you’ve probably been to all summer.

Find out more about Little Head Camp on their Facebook page here