Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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This Cat-Dog-Human Co-Iftar in Cairo Might Be the Cutest Thing Ever

It was a day of dry food, endless meows and rhythmic tail wagging.

Staff Writer

On May 25th, In the heart of Downtown Cairo, by Champollion palace, a slew of meows filled the air as Iftar time approached, the hungry feline forces were joined by a horde of wagging dog tails as they further intensified their hypnotically heart-melting "feed me humans" gazes - and guess what, it worked.

This Meow Iftar situation was created by, Meow Tours, a recently launched online animal rights group that's essentially on a mission to make the lives of our stray dogs and cats a bit better, by organizing trips to animal shelters as well as creating activities and initiatives that raise awareness about the rights of these voiceless creatures."Animals are the weakest link in this system because they cannot speak, stray animals are weak and suffer from disease and hunger," one volunteer said, elaborating on the importance of caring for these animals who often end up in rather unfortunate situations.

"We took the day to provide food for cats and dogs, and we help those who do this for the first time, especially since there are many who are afraid of them," Mostafa Abdel Atti, the founder of Meow Tours, said, further on focusing on bridging our relationship with the stray cats and dogs, as they are not separate from us, their ordeal is mainly there because of us and our inappropriate ways of handing our garbage. One Parliament report actually states that there could be as many as 15 million stray dogs in Egypt, and exporting them to become food is certainly not the answer. 

As Iftar time arrived, the cats and dogs were treated to a feast of dry and canned food, and rest assured, no cat fights occurred as each cat was given a generous serving of food.