Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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This Company Has Set-Up a Summer Sahel Office for Employees and We’re Totally Jealous

Is Vezeeta hiring? Because if they are...

Staff Writer

Summer months as a full-time employee can be a tricky business. There're beaches to lie on and tans to accomplish. It just simply won’t do to spend only a weekend or two in Sahel, and have to rush back to Cairo, after scramming to take a Sunday off so you at least get some sort of adjustment period.

So if you can’t leave the work that often, what if the work comes with you? Vezeeta, the leading digital healthcare platform in the Middle East and Africa that provides patients with digital access to healthcare providers and services, has now launched their summer office located in Hacienda Bay, North Coast to operate during July.

For those not keeping tabs on the regional healthcare sphere, Vezeeta is convenience in an app, eliminating the added nerves by searching for doctors by specialty that are right around your block or wherever is convenient, book an appointment knowing exactly the waiting time so you can pack the right amount of snacks and even rate your healthcare experience

Vezeeta operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, and have amassed an expansive roster of 13,000 healthcare providers that have subscribed onto the platform serving more than 3 million patients in the region.

The digital healthcare platform has remarkably expanded since its inception. Starting out with just 4 employees, to a team that has now grown to 200 ‘Veez’ (an adorable name bestowed on those working at Vezeeta). The tremendous app is a necessary aid to find and book the best fit medical practitioners to your healthcare needs, while also making sure their Veez are in a supportive and dynamic workspace. Developing a system that entrusts thorough, savvy individuals to lead the way and for each to build on their best strengths and develop new ones.

Ridding of an archaic, rigid system that requires specific work hours and equates them to a specific output, Vezeeta allows for flexible work hours where their bright go-getters get to utilise their better judgement. The death of the 9-to-5, or any other variation of 8+ working hours/day, has been refuted by a multitude of research explaining how being nailed to a chair for hours on end, doesn't yield the best results, only to drowsy workers and low morale.

Us adults fancy our autonomy, and while you can pose an argument that too much of it can be chaos, no human default is laziness, we’re the best fit to assess how long we’d take to get stuff done. In bidding farewell to dogmatic work hours, Vezeeta has structured a culture that’s built on trust and passion that has amassed a smart, eager and diverse bunch that are all driven by the same company values that Vezeeta has strongly entrenched throughout their spaces. Employees get to enjoy perks such as an unlimited vacation policy, working remotely, a modern, lively working space and for a cherry on top of a 5-tier cake, an entertainment lounge so you truly work hard, play hard, and flex your opposable thumbs on some video games, or some foosball and ping pong.

To sum it up, these people aren’t plagued by a fear to construct a bullet-proof email that pleads your case on why you desperately need a week in Sahel. They just go.

Checkout Vezeeta's website for more info

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