Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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This Couple Is Photobombing Pictures All Over Cairo and We Want Them Brought to Justice

Their T-shirts read, 'El Barshata Madrasa', so this is clearly a not-so-covert operation by the CIA!

Staff Writer

The art of barshata is a proud Egyptian tradition. One could be out and about, doing their thing, when, all of the sudden, someone just parachutes into your life unannounced and uninvited for that matter, and unilaterally decides to hijack what would otherwise be a perfectly fine moment.

The struggle of barshata is now officially real. It has recently come to our knowledge that there's a couple of paratroopers going around town and photo-bombing pictures. With T-shirts that clearly read, 'El Barshata Madrasa', it's safe to assume that this is no coincidence; it's a full-on organised attack. How dare the CIA!!?? 

And to make matters worse, their seal was seen emblazoned across town, like we haven't suffered enough. It's hard to tell at this point if they're lone wolves or if this is part of a bigger conspiracy – although it does reek of CIA and we should totally retaliate by poking Perez Hilton on Facebook until he bruises. We'll have to wait and see, but for the mean time, you need to watch your back closely, you never know who's standing there, ready to ruin your Insta-worthy shots. This whole thing is an unmitigated disaster! Further evidence has also come to light, as billboards with their cult’s motto have sprung up around town.

Morning Coffee with a side of barshata

Bombshell photobombed
Movie premiers aren't safe. 

You've got a full grown man stuck to your hijab.
NYC circa nineteen ninety FREAK

They're even defiling the ancient and deeply intimate ritual of fries eating. Animals!
Our office has been hit! This was spotted on the street! Their sigil, flaunted in broad daylight!

Be safe out there you guys! 

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